My aim is to provide you with the best service possible in locating the property that fulfills your needs, whether the listing is exclusively mine or another firm's. If I do not have the specific property for sale that you are looking for, I am willing to work with you to find that Montana Farm, Ranch or Recreational property, as a Buyer's Broker, whether it's actually listed, or not.

It is within your rights to approach as many Brokerage firms as you like. However, I see so many frustrated Buyers working with 5-10 different Brokers and getting more confused by the hour. It has been my experience that my clients are most satisfied and best served by being represented exclusively by one Broker. I believe you need to pick your Broker and work with that person exclusively, the way you would choose your Doctor, Lawyer, or CPA. You will have a better result.

I encourage you to choose me as your exclusive Broker. Such an arrangement allows me to best utilize my skill, knowledge and diligence in locating property for you. I will provide you with information on each parcel that meets your specifications and make appointments for showings. Later in the process, I will negotiate or arrange for a sale of the property you choose, be it a Farm, Ranch, or Sporting property.

If you click on the icon below, it will take you to a sample Buyer's Brokerage form that I use for such an agreement. If this is something that interests you, please indicate this on the "Contact Us" page, or feel free to call me and we can discuss such an arrangement.

Download Agreement

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